No Win Scenario, Won

I've read (listened to) all of the Harry Potter books in the last 4 months or so (not something I'd recommend). They're not bad (not that I understand all of the midnight parties and such). But having "read" the books and seen the movies I can see how Warner Brothers has won the no win scenario.

I saw the first four movies before reading the books and found them fairly un-entertaining. What I mean to say is it was like watching a movie based on a book they tried to stick too closely too, which they are. The only movie adaptation(s) I've ever seen that were faithful and enjoyable were the Lord Of The Rings films and even then the more enjoyable versions were the extended ones on DVD.

After reading the books I'm annoyed by the liberties they've taken with the stories and the rush and incomplete versions they've put on the screen. But this is where WB wins. People that haven't read the books will go see the movies to see what all the fuss is about (and since they are gradually getting better, relatively) this group might keep returning. Those who have read the books will go see them, even if they weren't all gaga about them (like me) just to see how the two compare. With this formula they've ensured box office success.