My First YouTube Video

More info later but this is my first YouTube post.


Political Nepotism?

Is McCain talking about nepotism when it comes to his heath care initiative or is this his feel good rhetoric that will help get him elected and keep things just the way they are?


Universal Music Group Admits To Selling Garbage Music

Big companies like to tout the benefits of a capitalist society when it works in their favor. Now that the value assigned to music is lower than Paula Poundstone's interest in sex the music industry has decided to kick and scream like my kids when they don't get what they want. Now they are going after people who are selling the promo CDs they sent to them. The best part is that part of their argument claims that even throwing away a promo CD is piracy. I'll admit that much of what has been sold for nearly $20 a CD is garbage but not allowing a user to throw away a promo CD they weren't raped to acquire is a little preposterous.


Those Zany Athletes

I can understand the drive to make as much money while you can, especially outside the NFL, where you don't necessarily have the best pension plan but I wonder why some athletes don't settle for a little less to play on a team where there's a higher likelihood of winning. Just ask Frank Thomas who left the team who gave him a chance to resuscitate his career and wouldn't have benched him.


What's Left?

After the book about having two daddies (or was it two mommies?) and then this book what's there left to write a kids book about?

I Agree But...

I agree with what these Senators are saying but don't they have more pressing matters?


This Is Defenitely A PR Stunt

Comcast is largely known for not caring about the people who give them money on a monthly basis but this little article just reeks of PR and no real changes.

Looks Like...

Looks like the Oakland A's are really going to stink it up this year (as many have predicted).

Stadium Tour

I've been following the Polygamous Sect story since it's hard to miss if you watch the Internet news headlines. Apparently the state of Texas is taking those poor kids on a stadium tour now. As if setting them up for an online circus wasn't enough.


While I'm At It

A little while ago I wrote a post about smelling death on Fox's Terminator show. I've seen it (twice now) and death may not be immediate but I think inevitable. And by inevitable I don't mean in 7 years (or seasons). Not only does the addition of certain cast members (yeah MauriceSmith, The 4400 has been cancelled, a few seasons too late, BTW) mark almost certain death but there doesn't seem to be many places they can go. Besides, Fox has a habit of going big and canceling early. What this show has going for it is the writer's strike. Based on that I'll give it a season and a half, maybe two and a half (because I know that Fox was nice enough to give Arrested Development 3 seasons, and I'm serious about that).

Bjork Finally Listens To One Of Her Albums

This was too good to pass up. The only song of Bjork's that I have ever really liked was Army Of Me. Since then I have listened to most of her albums and can't figure out who listens to and likes that "stuff". At any rate I read this article on USA Today and figure that Bjork must have finally loaded up her iPod with all of her albums and had nothing else to listen to on the airplane ride.