They Need To Do More Damage

They didn't do enough by fucking MJ and his siblings up, now they want a shot at his kids too.


Act(s) Of God

This will be so cool to hear how people blame this on Palin because, after all, these things only happen (in the conservative world) when someone needs to be punished by God.



My anxiety is riding high right now. This is common for me but this time I know why. I'm going to demonstrate our software for a client. I know what the software is and what it does but:

  1. I don't like doing software demos any more

  2. They have specific things they want to see and that is always difficult for me to manage smoothly since I don't like working with a script either

Sounds like I have some work to do on this but these are the details that are low priority until I need them.


Andre Dubus III

We went to a reading at The King's English bookstore tonight. Well I went and Ang took the kids to the park. He's a really good guy and very encouraging of others to develop their talents and realize the creative expression in all of us.

While I was paying for the book a lady (I think she worked there) said she thought I looked a lot like John Malkovitch. I appreiated the compliment because at least it was a comparison to someone with talent. It would have been far worse if I'd been thought to look like Keven Federline or Todd Palin.
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I like Obama, I really do. I like what he stands for and what he wants to do with our country but every once and again he goes and does something that I thought we would be done with now that Bush is out of office. First he decided to keep the warrant-less wiretapping and now he decides to keep the visitor logs private. I kind of expected this kind of shit stuff from Bush since every day he seemed to enjoy flipping the nation the bird but Obama promised us more transparency. Now I know he has delivered on the “more” part but I seemed to understand that the qualifier “more” meant more than what he's giving us now.

More Palin Fodder

Wow, so far 4 posts today. I think I'm realizing just how easy this is to post from OpenOffice.

Anyway here is a pretty good article that shares a lot of my feelings about Sarah Palin and her hubby Todd. I'm just hoping they do more stuff about her freeloader hubby on SNL again next season.

Maybe He Invented The Tubes That The Internet Runs On

Soon-To-Be Governor of Utah had some wise words he felt like he needed to share. I know now who I will not be voting for in the next Gubernatorial election in Utah.

The Shape Of Things To Come

Now that I've posted again after a few, er, months I've looked at my blog and seen how out of date it is. The links on the side are out of date and I want to change the color scheme. I also want to do more posting as well so if there's anyone out there that cares things will start changing.

Politicians These Days

I've never really liked Sarah Palin. To be honest I don't really like many politicians. But that's beside the point. I read an article on The Huffington Post yesterday that I absolutely loved. What really gets me (and not just about Palin but all politicians) is their belief that the public has a short memory. I find that most of them expect us to have short memories so they can say and do what is most convenient and immediately beneficial.

Browser Usage

There is a really interesting blog post about browser usage here. More interesting than the fact that usage of IE is falling (not surprising) is that the use of Safari is falling as well. I think Safari has some nice eye candy but I've never been able to feel completely comfortable with anything other than Firefox. Heck, I've been using from before it was even v1 and it was just a standalone executable.