Seinfeld Helps...

Seinfeld helps a "brother" out. Mel could at least say he was drunk. Michael, well, what happened?

Bank Of America

I saw this video on YouTube and figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here. Enjoy...

This Is Funny I

I read this story on eWeek.com. Too good not to post a link to.



After failing to obtain a PS3 I might as well enjoy what these guys have going on.


New Weird Al Video

Weird Al has a new video; a parody of a Taylor Hicks song. Enjoy...


The Zune Cometh I

Engadget has posted a detailed account of their experience of getting their Zune up and running on a Windows XP MCE PC. To be fair they did install this on something less than average. They installed again on a more typical PC without any issues (mentioned but not exactly prominently). I'm excited by this since I was excited by the interface walk through posted at Engadget. It's not an iPod killer, yet, but could definitely be the closest to giving Apple a run for it's money.

Rock Swings: The Sequel?

Paul Anka released an awesome CD last year titled "Rock Swings". If you're into Paul Anka I'm sure the album was enjoyable on it's own. I picked it up because it was a hilarious album full of 80's and 90's songs covered in the Jazz/Swing/Old-School-Frank-Sinatra-Night-Club-Swank style music. Songs like "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Eye Of The Tiger" and "Jump" are pretty funny. At any rate, Paul Young released his own version of this style, using the same title no less, but the result was much less bland. The selection of songs covered was spread out over a wider time period but the actual performance was much more bland and the songs selected were less remarkable. I'm sure there's a story here since the identical titles can't be a coincidence but I'm not too interested at this point.

PSB On The Late Late Show

In what appears to be a modern day execution of the "ancient" practice of kinescoping someone has posted the video from last Friday's PSB appearance on The Late Late Show.


How Cool Is This?

Being a huge fan of The Pet Shop Boys I was surprised to have missed this. Thanks to YouTube I'll get to see it again and share it with anyone who visits here.

Zune Is Coming

I'm not one to hate Microsoft. I think they dominate the world computing market because they have played the game of "Corporation" better than everyone else. With that said I've seen a walk through of their new Zune player here and must say that I think this things has a chance of catching on. Besides, having used a hand held device to watch long bits of video on a plane, among other places, I think this (image above) is the coolest accessory;something that the iPod could use.

Here are more.


If It Walks Like One And Talks Like One



Faith Hill's Goof

She said she was just kidding but even with that excuse she should know better! See it here.

All Good Things...

Again: I grew up in the Bay Area (did I say that?). I've been to a few baseball stadiums in my time and I just don't see the complaints about the Oakland Alameda Coliseum. Yeah, it's not very nice compared to a brand new stadium, revenue has to be shared, etc. But compare it to the old Cleveland Indians Municipal stadium or Candlestick Park. The Coliseum has a lot going for it but all good things... The A's will be moving.

Loudmouth Schnook (LMS)

Being from the Bay Area originally, being in high school the last time the Warriors were any good and always having an opinion on loudmouth schnooks I thought I'd post this link here. This is especially nice since the LMS is trying to rip off Nellie.


Good Perpsective

I read this article by Kevin Maney in today's USA Today. It's really quite good. There is always the apparent battle between what flies and what the business world thinks will fly. Why does business keep failing?