Rock Swings: The Sequel?

Paul Anka released an awesome CD last year titled "Rock Swings". If you're into Paul Anka I'm sure the album was enjoyable on it's own. I picked it up because it was a hilarious album full of 80's and 90's songs covered in the Jazz/Swing/Old-School-Frank-Sinatra-Night-Club-Swank style music. Songs like "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Eye Of The Tiger" and "Jump" are pretty funny. At any rate, Paul Young released his own version of this style, using the same title no less, but the result was much less bland. The selection of songs covered was spread out over a wider time period but the actual performance was much more bland and the songs selected were less remarkable. I'm sure there's a story here since the identical titles can't be a coincidence but I'm not too interested at this point.