Smelling Death?

Sci-Fi has an article about a cast member for the forthcoming show "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". Now I realize there's an exception for what I am about to say but that may not even be a true exception. What has Garret Dillahunt been in that has succeeded on the air? It also has Summer Glau and that is the second nail in this coffin. The show may turn out to be good and popular but based on the casting alone I'm not hopeful.

Critics will say that both of these actors have been in The 4400 (and psychics will point out that I watch this show when it is on) but that show is circling the drain. Yes, the show received an Emmy nod for it's original run but if it really is that good it would have gotten at least one more since then. It's juts not that good any more.


MauriceSmith said...

I don't know what your definition of "succeed" is...
Let's check out the guy's resume on imdb.
Let's see....the aforementioned 4400 went what...four seasons? DEADWOOD went three seasons on HBO, nominated for numerous awards, won a couple, widely thought of as the best show ever on television. Is that what success is? ER...let's see...14 seasons? 15? Is that a success? XFiles..NYPD Blue...how long did those run with no ill effects from Mr. Dillahunt's appearance(s)? We haven't even touched the movies yet...BELIEVER (Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, launched Ryan Gosling's career), NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (out right now, recipient of four different critics' groups' BEST FILM OF THE YEAR awards already, will soon surpass O Brother Where Art Thou as the Coen Brothers' most financially successful movie to date...). Is that what success is? ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES...while not a financial success thus far, has already garnered pre-oscar awards including BEST ENSEMBLE!! Is that successful?

How about Summer Glau...what's she got? Let's see...again, the aforementioned 4400 and it's four seasons (a dinosaur by today's television standards...). Firefly...cult hit, audience favorite. Enough to spawn a movie, SERENITY, that, worldwide, according to box office mojo, has recouped it's investment. Is that successful? Not bad for such a young thing. Certainly deserving, in my opinion, of a CHANCE, before such negativism and prejudgment. What do you think?

MauriceSmith said...

Oh look! Another one! I missed DAMAGES! After a very popular first season, picked up for...wait for it...TWO more seasons! That's how happy and confident FX is in the series. Success?