Whoa! Who's This?

Ever since I switched from Yahoo! services to Google I've been a bit disappointed with the news headlines that I can get on my home page. One that I do appreciate however is the RSS feed from the Deseret Morning News. They're a local paper owned by the LDS church so there is a low of articles related to the church (no capitalization here).

I really liked this article here about a speech given at BYU recently by Dan Robinson. The sentiment is dead on and he's not even a Mormon. Then, as I usually do, I checked out the top stories that are always linked to on the DMN pages and found this. While I understand the general lack of knowledge about the LDS church this douche bag (a term of endearment I can assure) Lawrence O'Donnell goes off spouting enough half truths to sell me a Rainbow vacuum. I realize that controversy sells but looking like an idiot is just embarrassing.

It reminds me of another article from the DMN posted online recently where author Orson Scott Card points out how most people feel the same way Mormons believe about the nature of The Godhead and that usually you have to find a theological scholar before someone believes that The Godhead is like "an egg". (No disrespect intended but that is the term used to explain it to me; one egg but three separate parts.)

I always figured it was best to understand what someone believes before saying you know. I served an LDS missions and I had a previous edition of The Handbook Of Denominations. It is essentially an explanation of what religions believe but the source materials were gathered directly from the religious institutions themselves and then distilled into what is contained in the book. A novel idea to get information from the source but in this case it works.