Is It Any Wonder?

I like Lost. I used to really like it but so far this season has been a bust. I understand that the network tried to do something new and this might have been abrupt for the writers and show runners but the experiment is failing. The first six episodes (the first "half" of the season, shown in October and November of 2006) were quite boring. They used six episodes to move one story along as far as it would have likely gotten had it been included with others, which they didn't.

So it comes a very little surprise to me to see that this last episode was the lowest rated episode of the show, so far. Not only that but I thought that whole episode was really quite boring. I really dislike the character of Charlie. Hurley was only in this episode for face time; he didn't really add anything (or do much for that matter). Then I was completely unimpressed with Desmond's story. What is that whole deja vu/visions of the future thing?