Lala.com Singing A Sour Note

I don't remember how long ago I heard about Lala.com. I know it's been less than a year but the site was really cool when I first found out about it. On the site you can list CDs you have that you would like to trade. Next you list CDs you want. After this you ship out a CD when someone requests it and then you are given a credit which enables someone to send you a CD. The CD itself costs $1 while the shipping is $0.75 (originally it was $0.50).

A "new" CD for $1.75 isn't a bad deal. Over the short while I've been a member I've seen the site add some cool new features. You can list if you want cover art shipped with the CD, if you have cover art, add you want and/or have list to you site or blog, etc. Nice little features to round things out.

The latest feature they have added to the site seems to have taken all of the cool factor out of it for me. Rather than waiting for someone to request a CD and hope the one you want is shipped next the site allows you to just purchase the CD. The problem is that most of these CDs cost significantly more than you can get them for digitally or at Amazon or Best Buy. What's wrong with this? I realize that these guys are the middle man and that adds a bit to the cost but didn't someone there try to suggest this might not fly so well?

The feature still exists on the site and has been there for a month or so now which says to me that people must be using it. Who are these people? Are they the same ones that shop for jewelry, suits or leather goods at the airport? It's a mystery and thus the site isn't near the top of my list anymore.