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I found this here: http://deepster.bigcitybaby.com/blog/archives/2005/10/doom_rpg_cheats.html
It is very useful and repeated here to hopefully make the information easier to find.  
Doom RPG cheats
All of the following has been discovered by me, and a lot of free time:

Bonus area – after section 7 when the 2nd attack from Hell starts. Inside the room is an Apollyon, Baron and Revenant. It's stock full of ammo, bezerker orbs and soul orbs. This room also has cheaper stat upgrades than in the Junction.

The room is on the opposite end of Dr. Janson when part of the facility collapses. Instead of taking the fork of the room to the right to go to Dr.Jenson, continue on the left and head upwards to find the bonus room.

Code to the bonus area – 0,1,1,2,3,5,8
Super Secret Door – located in section 6
Code to the door – 2279
This room also has cheaper stat upgrades than in the Junction.

Win screens :
This is the highest rating you can attain in DoomRPG. No, I didn't earn it yet but as you can see...it wasn't too hard to figure out the site's name.

Enemy weapon weaknesses :
Zombie class – axe
Hellhound class – shotgun
Commando class – chaingun/plasma gun
Imp class – shotgun/super shotgun
Lost Soul class – fire extinguisher/plasma gun
Pinky class – shotgun/super shotgun, resistant towards axe
Cacodemon class – plasma gun, malwrath weak towards axe
Pain elemental class – plasma gun
Revenant class – rockets/plasma gun, resistant to shotgun
Mancubus class – rockets
Archvile class – fire extinguisher/plasma gun
Baron class – shotgun/super shotgun/rockets
Kronos – BFG
Cyberdemon – BFG

Tips that make the game easier :
Use the appropriate weapon against an enemy
Use rockets/super shotgun with berserker mode to kill Kronos easily
Use rockets w/ beserker mode against the two power couplings in the final battle. Ignore all other enemies.
Use BFG w/ beserker mode against the Cyberdemon. 2–3 shots should kill him.


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